Services (Google AdSense Ad optimization for Website/Blogs)

Currently, I am providing Google AdSense Ad Optimization services for websites/blogs.

These are the packages:

1# AdSense Ad analysis

Charges: INR 500/-

Time spent on website: 1 hour (Once)


  1. Which ad unit or/and which ad placement may the reason for the violation of Google AdSense policies?
  2. Which ad units are placed in wrong places?
  3. List of pages (some of the pages from the same type of pages) which have more ad units (while content is less).
  4. Some of the suggestions, which may help you to improve your AdSense income.

2# AdSense Ad unit analysis and Recommendation with better Ad units and Ad placement

Charges: INR 1500/-

Time spent on website: 3 hours


  1. Package includes package#1 result.
  2. Recommendations (only once) for post pages, homepage and category pages with better AdSense ad units along with the ad unit placements.

3# AdSense Ad unit analysis and Ad optimizations, Revenue analysis (for two weeks)

Charges: INR 3500/-

Time spent on website: 1 hour per day for two weeks


  1. Package includes both packages (Package #1, Package #2) results.
  2. For two weeks, recommendations and revenue analysis.


  • AdSense Ad income is based on the traffic, traffic sources, and country; I take full responsibility to increase CPC and CTR.
  • As per the recommendations, if you work… I take full responsibility to keep safe your website with policy violations. (It will not contain fake impressions and fake click account de-activation).
  • In all these three packages, I am also available to meet personally once to analyze and let you know, where you were wrong and why you’re earnings were low (one-hour meeting INR 500/- Extra), in Delhi only.
  • I take all payments in Advance through PayTm, Bank Transfer, and cheque.

Interested in any package? Write an email to ‘[email protected]’ with the subject “I want to hire DUGGU for AdSense Ad optimization (Package 1/2/3)”

In the email, please write following things:

  • Website URL
  • Last 30 days income
  • Last 30 days average CPC
  • Last 30 days average CTR
  • Last 30 days traffic and traffic sources
  • Your contact number so that I can call you to share payment details and starts working on your website.