Success Mantras for a blogger

Nowadays everybody wants to become a successful person and wants to earn money and fame. Blogging is one of the best ways to fulfill your dreams; blogging gives you both money and fame. But your blogs must be successful and should attract a lot of viewer traffic.

Hello friends, today I am here with some points (facts) about blogging if you want to become a successful blogger and earn fame and money.

Work and L’opera Tea at Nehru place

Enjoying work and the L’Opera Tea @ Nehru place.

Thanks for WordPress, now there is no need to open visual studio and write a post in HTML and ASP.NET. I am able to write a post from anywhere on any device.

Here is a picture that I captured while sipping the tea.

Now DUGGU is on WordPress

Before moving to WordPress, I was using ASP.Net and there was no Content  Management System, I had to manage everything myself.

This was very hectic for me and I was not able to focus other things like article writing, editing etc. The complete time was wasting to manage the posts.

Since I lost more than 350 blog, but I will add them here one by one.