Major Google Updates

1) Panda : 24 Feb 2011

Focus on :

  • Duplicate content,
  • Thin content,
  • keyword stuffing
  • and user-generated spams

How Panda Works: Panda assign a quality score to a web page. This score used as a ranking factor.  In initial rollout, Panda was a filter rather than part of Google ranking algorithm.

Google Analytics Terminology

Dimensions: A dimension in GA is generally a descriptive attribute of an object that can be given different values. Exit pages, screens and sessions duration, browsers are all example of dimensions appeared by default in Google Analytics.

Metrics: Metrics are the individual elements of a dimension which can be measured as sum, average or ratio.

AMP Pages: A brief introduction

Friends you may have heard the term AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.  Today I am going to give you a brief A.

Basically, AMP is the project designed by Google and Twitter with the aim to make fast mobile pages.

An AMP page is a lightweight version of any existing HTML Page.

Sometimes time is a barrier in blogging

I am a full-time employee of a company and manage three websites simultaneously, it becomes really tough for me to manage all the websites with the full-time job.

Due to a shortage of time, sometimes I am not able to:

  • Take breakfast in the morning.
  • Make a call to my parents and friends.

Life and time is very precious

If you are feeling that someone is cheating you and you’re really possessive about him/her, then you should not rethink again and again about your partner. Life is very precious; the time which is lost will never come back again, therefore you have to think about your career growth.

A few years ago, I was facing the same situation; I was depressed and unable to focus on my career.

Tips and Tricks for new Bloggers that can transform them into a Pro

Do you think all the pro bloggers out there have mastered perfection? Well, the matter of fact is they have mastered the art of blogging and that brought fortune to their doorsteps. If you are a newbie in this industry, then making mistakes is yet another part of your blogging journey.

Life Log of Vloggers- An Insight to the Youtuber’s Game

“……’s all about being authentic and interactive”

Video blog popularly known as blog contains video content. Vlogging involves adding video content to YouTube by the bloggers. The increasing inexpensiveness of equipment and prevalence of hosting, aggregation sites and supporting software is making blogging one of the most popular sources for making money, especially among the youngsters.

What makes enterprise app development so important?

The increasing ‘smartness’ of the Smartphones is enabling the companies to leverage mobile technology for the success of their business. Application development is becoming popular tech trend for it empowers the enterprises to achieve their business objectives like streamlining the operations, increasing the productivity of employees, and ensuring improved customer service.

6 Lead Generation Hacks You Should Implement Right Now

Technological advancements have changed the buying habits of customers considerably. As a result, ways like email blasts and mass advertising have become less effective now. If you have been looking for potential ways to build a strong relationship with your prospective customers then you have landed at the right place.

Take a sneak peek into the most effective lead generation ideas used by the top digital marketers of the industry.