Finally, travelled via bus (Used a public transport)

After a long time (more than 2 years), I used a bus to travel. Actually, there was only INR 50/- in my wallet and I had to go to take a C++ programming language class in Vidyut Vihar New Delhi, So I went via bus.

Delhi Bus Ticket


By the way, it was really a great experience for me.

Best performing Google AdSense ad units below the title

In this blog, I am going to discuss, which can be the best performing Google AdSense ad units which can be used below the title.

For this, first, you need to be aware of what is the title?

A title is the name of the article/post, its heading (content written in the H1 tag).

Pinterest Tricks for bloggers

Here are the few tricks for bogglers to optimize and gain more traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest Tricks for bloggers

Pinterest Tricks for bloggers

Found this image on twitter.

15 Major Blogging mistakes to avoid

Hello friend, I found this image on twitter.

If you are a blogger, you should read all points mentioned in the images. You should not make these 15 mistakes and if you’re making these mistakes you should fix immediately.

Here is the image – showing the major 15 blogging mistake to avoid

The 15 Major Blogging mistakes to avoid
The 15 Major Blogging mistakes to avoid

Charging point available – Not for laptop charging

This is really very tough for a blogger (who is crazy for blogging like me – Ha Ha Ha!!!) to write blogs or working on a laptop in a Train (Sleeper coach). (see the below image)

On 22nd February 2018, I was travelling to my hometown (Gwalior), I worked for half an hour, since my laptop was not charged and I had to work (because journey time is around 5 hours and it is sufficient time for a blogger – who is a full-time employee in another company) on updating, writing etc.

Unable to think any new blog to write

Today is Sunday and I am trying to write a new blog on this website (since, I have updated 7 articles on IncludeHelp – which were written by our technical content writers), unfortunately, I am unable to think any new topic to write…

What I did (between 9 am to now)

  • I fixed some of the ad placements on IncludeHelp.

How to check earnings of page-level ads in Google AdSense?

In this blog, I am going to share the steps to check Google AdSense earnings/reports of your page level ads. I am writing this blog because I didn’t find any useful information to check earnings of my page level ads, which I implemented recently.

How to check reports/earnings of Google AdSense page-level ads?

Major Google Updates

1) Panda : 24 Feb 2011

Focus on :

  • Duplicate content,
  • Thin content,
  • keyword stuffing
  • and user-generated spams

How Panda Works: Panda assign a quality score to a web page. This score used as a ranking factor.  In initial rollout, Panda was a filter rather than part of Google ranking algorithm.

Google Analytics Terminology

Dimensions: A dimension in GA is generally a descriptive attribute of an object that can be given different values. Exit pages, screens and sessions duration, browsers are all example of dimensions appeared by default in Google Analytics.

Metrics: Metrics are the individual elements of a dimension which can be measured as sum, average or ratio.